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Pledge “electmaggie”

"I will donate £25 to help elect Maggie Chapman as Scotland's first Green MEP but only if 10 other local people will do the same."

— Gordon Cowtan, Convener Stirling Greens

Deadline to sign up by: 30th April 2014
11 people signed up (1 over target)

Country: United Kingdom
Postcode area: FK8 (view map)

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On May 22nd Scotland will elect six MEPs. The first five will likely split two each to Labour and the SNP and one to the Tories. The real fight is for the sixth seat, currently held by the Lib Dems. With their time in government proving disastrous, this seat is likely to change hands to either the Greens or UKIP.

As Scotland's first Green MEP Maggie Chapman will take the fight against austerity to Brussels. Our agenda is for radical local democracy, putting communities in charge of the assets they need, instead of the big business monopoly we see today.

We came 5th last time with UKIP more than 20,000 votes behind. This time we can not only beat them but win our first MEP as well but it won't be easy.

A single donation of £25 can pay for over 500 newsletters.

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  • David Wardrop
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