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People, we have been sleeping. We have let both our legislators go arwy (via the DMCA) and we have not checked corporate greed.

It is really a simple caclulus: corportations and businesses have EVERY incentive to take away our freedom for profit. We simply cannot let this happen. We begin to stop it here, now, but this is not the end of it. We can reduce DRM to a mere annoyance (because we cannot stop people from implenting copy protection which is what it reduces to if...) by getting our legislators to repeal the Digital Millenium Copyright Act or DMCA. The DMCA is what gives DRM unjustified teeth. It is the law that can punish people for protecting themselves from DRM mal-ware as we recently got from Sony.

The madness must stop: DRM is DRM because of the DMCA. Eliminate the DMCA (among the worst legislation in recent history) and DRM simply becomes copy protection, and copy protection can be circumvented.

Also, donlt let our mistakes get exported! There are treaties in the works (
that seek to export the badness of the DMCA and make it even worse.
Jim Powers, 14 years ago.

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