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I still buy some CD's, but they must have the CDDA "Compact Disk Digital Audio" trademark, or they don't get my money.

Unsure of what the trademark looks like?
Here you'll find the Phillips "Red Book" requirements in order to carry the trademark. They can NOT contain ANY DRM!

Another option is downloading whole CD's (many of which sell elsewhere under a different label w/DRM) from:
and other fine indie labels - Search the net "Open Music"!

Only ones not happy with record labels like Magnatune is the RIAA! Magnatune basicly cuts them out of the circle of payment. Another words they get stiffed in the rear, which is what they deserve for doing nothing for anyone but themselves.

The Artists and the Magnatune split the money 50/50 and you pay the price you choose. I generally pay $8.00 and download the full CD Album I've seen elsewhere under BMG (DRM'd to hell) online sites like Amazon (Crapuson u know more like crap on us). This site actually wants you to share the music!

There are many "Open Music" labels openning up these days. We need to support them so the Big Name Artists get a hint and wholesale disembark the RIAA train to DRM Hell!
Tony Nunes, 14 years ago.

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