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i am a musician who writes and records music and apreciates a wide variety of music. i currently own over 200 cds which i have bought and have a list of 300+ more that i intend on buying when funds permit. 200 cds averaging $20 each = $4000 of my money that i have invested in the music industry. invest thousands of dollars in a company and this would normally make you a shareholder. record labels should listen to what we want as if we are shareholders and not just consumer sheep for the financial slaughtering. if thousands of people who average 10cds purchased a year all of a sudden decided for 12+ months to not purchase cds then the industry would crap itself and cry like the fat overstuffed babies that music execs act sometimes. 10,000ppl(a drop in the pond) x 10cds x $20 = $2million. thats in one year, if this started a trend it could be a big problem for them. just a small sum for them to think about!
music_unites, 14 years ago.

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