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Marcel, two things, firstly, I have just picked up a couple of cd's that date back over ten years, stamped on both reads ' All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Copying, lending, hiring, public perfomance, diffusion and broadcasting of this work prohibited'. So if you have done any of this, even for your own use, you have broken copyright law. Checking back on vinyl albums from the 70's, almost the same wording is used, so you really can't say you haven't been warned. How many so called 'innocent' users have 'just run off a copy for a mate'etc. The words are written on the product, would you expect to park next to a 'No Parking ' sign and expect to get away with it?

Be honest, we have all made our copies - audio, software et al, and we all KNOW we are doing it illegally, the producing companies have mainly turned a blind eye , mostly due to the high cost of persuing a case through the courts, But now current technology has enabled them to prevent the problem before it starts.

Do you not recall that a surcharge was placed on blank audio cassettes to try to cover for the lost revenue to artists, or that the so called 'audio quality' cd roms, identical to their data counterparts, were more expensive for exactly the same reason.

Secondly, the general requirement for reproduction of performances was to be digital, a technology that is easily adjusted, corrupted and encrypted. You are now reaping the benefits of that technology.
John Abbot, 14 years ago.

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