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This is why I don't buy CD's any more. I download for FREE using certain unnamed websites and p2p softwares because the RIAA is too greedy. they don't give much loyalties from cd sales to the artists; most of the artists revenue comes from concerts and promotions, etc. The RIAA exists to try and dictate our media and entertainment as well as make even more $$$ than they already have (if they stopped the ridiculous DRM, they would'nt have to pay ridiculous prices to make cd's DRM, saving them $$$ which is all they care about anyway...) On the other hand, most of the CD's I used to buy are by "outdated" artists (contemporary music is contemptible) anyway, so unless they digitaly remaster the cds, they aren't going to be able to do much to dusty old Doors and Bob Dylan cd's
Arcadia Darrell, 13 years ago.

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