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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “TerraHealthNorth”

"I will help people in the right direction with fitness & health by opening a small gym/smoothie shop on Mackenzie road (main strip) but only if 20 Locals will join my pledge to help out!."

— Jax Vivian, North Of The Wall Trainer

Deadline to sign up by: 31st December 2014
9 people signed up, 11 more were needed

Country: Canada
Place: Inuvik (view map)

More details
I am very passionate about health and fitness, I have been since I was three years old. My whole life has been dedicated (I believe) to help others find a simple routine solution to weight loss or general health.
I also think people here have been dying for some real fruit and veggie smoothies and I have just the cooking experience to provide them with such!
I already have some supporters on my facebook page but would love to see what this town is really capable of to help support good health for all!

Every little bit counts!

Jax Vivian

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  • Greg Murphy
  • Madeleine Kinnane
  • Bianca Kinane-Ewart
  • Wendy Down
  • Daniel Fainstein
  • Jess Robin Bailey
  • Crystalee Geneva
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