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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “ProtectYOU”

"I will lock my door and never leave my room vulnerable but only if 2 of my friends support this decision and will do the same."

— Shirkerah

Deadline to sign up by: 27th February 2014
17 people signed up (15 over target)

Country: United States

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We all love our Clemson home!!

We have grown to adore the friends we've made during our first year experience and we have accumulated a plethora of stories that we will remember for a life time. All the new bonds with our sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, hall mates, and roommates have encouraged us to embrace who we are, relax, and have FUN. But have we become too comfortable.

Perhaps not... But, maybe we should reconsider our perspective.

Although, no one we know would ever want to harm us there are some individuals in the world who do not have our best interest at heart. When we leave our doors unlocked we are not doing ourselves a favor even when we think we are doing our friends a favor.

By signing this you are pledging to lock your door and never leave your room vulnerable.

Protect You. Protect Yours. Lock YOUR Doors.
Stay Safe. Be Proactive.

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Shirkerah, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Felicity Caughran
  • Devin Myers
  • Jaleese Blake
  • Danielle Harvey
  • Shannon Mahoney
  • TeKeyha Smith-Lewis
  • Ollie Burns
  • Sarah Parks
  • Jayme Windsor
  • McKenna Corley
  • Stacie
  • Kayla Fenton
  • Bailey Lowery
  • 4 people who did not want to give their names

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