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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “GreenstoWin2014”

"I will donate £20 to Eastern Region Green Party Euro Election Fund but only if 99 other members & supporters will do the same."

— Paul Jeater, Fundraising Co-ordinator ER Green Party

Deadline to sign up by: 22nd March 2014
103 people signed up (4 over target)

Country: United Kingdom

More details
My aim is to help win a seat in the European Parliament for the Green Party in Eastern Region. In 2009 we were just 1% short of success,this year we can win. Opinion poll data shows us closing the gap on the Lib Dems but equally it reveals that many who voted Lib Dem in the past are deeply disillusioned with Clegg & Co and are inclined to switch to us in May.

With the East the Lib Dems hold a number of Westminster seats including Norwich South ,Colchester & Cambridge. I want us to produce a leaflet that can be used in these areas and across the region reminding voters of Lib Dem broken promises but more importantly showing how the Greens will defend the environment against fracking & a new generation of nuclear power stations,will defend public services against cuts and privatisation and will campaign for rail & energy provision to be returned to public ownership.
I will contribute £20 and I need another 99 Green Party members or supporters to do likewise to make this leaflet a reality. If we don't defend the environment,the poor and the vulnerable - who else will?

Thank you for your contributions and support

Paul Jeater
Fundraising Co-ordinator Eastern Region Green Party

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Paul Jeater, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Rupert Read
  • Tess Read
  • Lesley Grahame
  • Denise Carlo
  • Mary Benefiel Dunn
  • Ian Harris
  • Betsy Reid
  • Jimmy Sayle
  • Catherine Rowett
  • Alan Cottey
  • Hazel Davidson
  • Edward Rowe
  • Chris Lord
  • Alison Oldfield
  • Kathy Bishop
  • John Woodhouse
  • Jean & Bob
  • David Wearing
  • Lucy Galvin
  • Peter Lynn
  • Lee Cozens
  • Pamela D. LOWE
  • Colin Budgey
  • dave hampton
  • Josh White
  • Nigel Walker
  • Doug Mair
  • Teresa Belton
  • Graham Read
  • David Wardrop
  • Paul Roome
  • Stephen Horne
  • Laurence Wild
  • Adrian Holmes
  • Glendra
  • S Bishop
  • Michelle de Oude
  • Patrick Hewins
  • Chris Wilson
  • Valerie Briginshaw
  • Kris West
  • Tom Greaves
  • Paul Neale
  • Jane Brandon
  • Laura Middleton
  • Robert Lindsay
  • Simon Grover
  • Dr. Jeremy Bartlett
  • Jessica Goldfinch
  • Shan Barclay
  • KE Mill
  • Graham Elliott
  • Peter Kramer
  • Zac Hinton
  • Dean Hall
  • Jerome Green
  • Ben Walker
  • Bridget McKenzie
  • Graham White
  • Sarah Walker
  • Mary Bryan
  • Fiona Radic
  • Pam Nelson
  • Sandra Billington
  • Colin Clews
  • Anna French
  • john somner
  • Christopher May-Townsend
  • Bev Maltby
  • Catherine Belsey
  • Robbie Spence
  • Matt Hodgkinson
  • Steven Neville
  • Roger Bamforth
  • Clive Purrett
  • Martha Schwager
  • Roger Giddings
  • Sara Wilbourne
  • Adina Claire
  • Mark Ereira-Guyer
  • Tony Lane
  • Tim Macy
  • Angela Webb
  • Terence Carter
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