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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “Foulser-Appeal”

"I will donate at least £10 towards Adam Foulser's lost wages but only if 40 other members or Slough fans will do the same."

— Paul Charnock, Myfootballclub member

Deadline to sign up by: 5th April 2014
54 people signed up (14 over target)

Country: United Kingdom

More details
Slough Town Captain Adam Foulser sustained an injury that will keep him out of football for several months. That is bad news for the club of course but a double blow to him personally is that he will not be able to do his "day job" for several weeks either.
Players at this level of football play mostly for the love of the game and rely on other work for their livelihoods. Adam has been dedicated to Slough Town so let us support him in return and ensure he is not out of pocket until he can return to work.

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Paul Charnock, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • nick savill
  • caswat3a
  • Keith Handley
  • Andy Benney
  • David Hamlet
  • chamo
  • Geoff Harris
  • Nhoj
  • thephantomsheep
  • George Stanton
  • Bud Sharpe
  • James Gilbert
  • weenie
  • Sniffer
  • Alex
  • Aussie
  • kentish_maid
  • albadross
  • basil3legs
  • Dennis Eastop
  • steve brown
  • Simon Wood
  • calvados
  • Roca
  • Ian Ogier
  • Awgj13
  • PauloRebel
  • Chris Sapp
  • Hendrik
  • Chris Godden
  • Mark Hunter
  • Gary House
  • Warren Carter
  • sr650d2
  • Steve Hudson
  • MyFC lotto syndicate
  • Mark Curtis
  • Paul Springford
  • Sebastian Silio
  • Reidar Eilertsen
  • Dan Jackson
  • Kevin Stonebanks
  • Steve Lilly
  • Sparkg
  • Bill Estep
  • Rutters
  • Aidan Shiel
  • Denis Lenihan
  • Kreig Zimmerman
  • Kjell J. Lillegård
  • MyFC Lotto Syndicate 9
  • 3 people who did not want to give their names, 1 of whom has done the pledge

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