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Pledge “FlexiSchoolB-C”

"I will pledge for Flexishcooling to be coded an authorized absence but only if 20 other local people will do the same."


Deadline to sign up by: 22nd July 2014
20 people signed up

Country: United Kingdom

More details
Make Flexishcooling more flexible and accessible; code it as an authorize absence (coded B or C); allow the parents and the school to work more closely providing the adequate and independent learning environment for each individual child; provide more information to the schools and parents about this very important education model; revise the government regulations to make it easier for schools to authorize flexishcooling.

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  • Karen Woods
  • Johanna Sharples
  • Jo Pillinger
  • Emma-Louise Hardman
  • Ly Malnick
  • Trish
  • jodie browne
  • Jessica Munafo
  • Mo Kendall
  • polly
  • Jessica Wallace
  • Adam Phillips
  • Lucy Hoare
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