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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “DigitalDemocracy”

"I will take the Dragon's digital democracy challenge but only if 10 people who live/work/study in Cambridge will do the same."

— Antony

Deadline to sign up by: 22nd May 2014
10 people signed up

Country: United Kingdom
Place: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (view map)

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Do you want to make your voice heard on issues you care about?

Do you want to see democracy work for you?

Do you want to see social media for social action in your area?

"Take the Dragon's digital democracy challenge and see if you and your friends can make an impact!"

Sounds like hard work? It isn't. There are five simple steps.

1) Find the websites and social media accounts of your local political parties. (We've done this bit for you - see links at the end)

2) Make two suggestions to the parties/politicians for what you would like to see improved in your area

3) Ask three questions to local parties/politicians - make sure your questions are based on your observations and life experiences, not on newspaper headlines

4) Give four pieces of feedback to the politicians on what you thought of their answers. Did you agree/disagree? Did they inspire you?

5) Share your experiences of 1-4 with five people - family, friends, contacts. Tell them what you thought of the responses you got back from the politicians and encourage them to take the challenge.

Why take the challenge?

- Because democracy matters and democracy is broken. You only have to look at turnout

- Social media gives us the means to change the way we do democracy

- Too many politicians are not convinced of the way we can use social media to help repair democracy. In Cambridge, local activists including the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and Twitter persona Puffles the Dragon Fairy have helped prepare some of the ground, but a handful of activists can only get so far.

Cambridge now needs you to join a grassroots movement to make a big impact on local democracy.

Cambridge: It's your city. Be the change.


Cambridge Conservatives:

Cambridge Greens

Cambridge Labour

Cambridge Liberal Democrats

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  • The ConDems may want to gag Trade Unions, Churches and Charities in the run up to the next election, but they cannot gag individuals. Become an active non-party campaigner.
    Eric Smith, 6 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • As someone living alone in my seventies it seems to me that we need to create more partnership based,complementary grass-roots upwards communities where not only the common good is important, but also think radically about a more inclusive society for all age groups. No matter what our backgrounds...
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Antony, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Sam
  • Tim Morley
  • Ceri Jones
  • Peter Durrant
  • Hugh Chapman
  • Nicki Myers
  • Eric Smith
  • Nicky Shepard
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